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5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Sleep Environment

July 28, 2014

Create A Sleep SanctuaryThe conditions in your bedroom that promote sleep can have a huge impact on how refreshed you wake up each day. Many people give little thought to their sleep environment unless they encounter trouble sleeping but everyone could benefit from upgrading their bedrooms to encourage a good night’s sleep.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

Trying to sleep in a cluttered room can cause feelings of anxiety that could prevent quality sleep. You don’t need a reminder of all the things on your to-do list as you try to fall asleep at night. Speaking of distractions, it may also be beneficial to remove computers, TV’s and other electronic devises from your bedroom sanctuary as well.

  1. Create The Right Noise

Even the quietest noise can keep you from sleeping; such as a leaking faucet, music playing in another room or the neighbor’s barking dog. But sleeping in complete silence might not be the answer either. Studies have shown that an absence of familiar noise might also make sleep difficult. That’s one of the reasons we have trouble sleeping away from home. Add “white noise” like the sound of a fan running to block annoying sounds and create a soothing sound to sleep to.

  1. Balance The Temperature

It is thought that temperatures above 75 and below 54 Fahrenheit can keep you from sleeping comfortably. Make sure to balance the temperature in your bedroom and encourage good airflow. Most people find they sleep best at temperatures below 70 degrees.

  1. Know Your Bed

An uncomfortable bed, a lumpy mattress or a squeaky bed frame can make it hard to fall asleep and make sure you wake up feeling every ache and pain. You should change your mattress around every 8 years or so, have comfortable sheets and a strong frame.

  1. Adjust The Lighting

Light from a flickering TV set, filtering in from another room or streaming in from your window too early in the morning can be a real sleep-buster. Turn off the TV or other devices giving off too much light and invest in some room darkening shades to keep your room darker longer in the morning. Even the light from clocks has been show to affect sleep!


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